This article is from Nov 03, 2020

Controversy over Hindi imposition in 10th class Tamil subject | Tamil Nadu School Education Department Description!

In Tamil Nadu, controversies regarding the Hindi language continue to arise from time to time. Controversy has arisen that there is a question and answer in the 10th standard Tamil textbook to impose Hindi language.

In one of the quizzes in the 5th science chapter of the 10th standard Tamil textbook in the Skills Knowledge section, write the reason for mentioning the 3rd language you want to learn besides mother tongue and English as the reason for wanting to learn Hindi.

Hindi is the national language of our country, Hindi is the language of the Indian Parliament, the language that helps to understand parliamentary debates, the language that helps support public and private employment in the North, and the language that helps to understand the culture of the people of the North. ” The page where the question and answer take place has been controversially shared on the social networking site.

Commenting on the controversial issue of promoting Hindi as a third language in the 10th standard Tamil subject, the school education department said, “There is no mention of Hindi in the textbook and the information spread as Hindi language imposition is false. In addition, the textbooks may have been written in Hindi on behalf of private editions, and the government has nothing to do with it, ”education officials said.

We are well aware that Hindi is not the national language of India but only the official language of India. However, still we can see that Hindi continues to be the national language of India.



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