A compilation of Hate Speech and misinformation spread by right winger Kishore K Swamy

Recently, yet another case has been filed against Kishore K Swamy for disrupting harmony and we decided to compile a list of Hate Speeches and misinformation spread by him.

Kishore K Swamy is a right-wing supporter and a habitual offender when it comes to hate speech, insensitive posts in social media which could create communal tensions and spread misinformation. He is currently out on bail and according to an article from The News Minute published on June 14, 2021, there were as many as 8 cases against him and he had earlier been arrested in 2019 after many women journalists complained of harassment by him.

Recently, a case was filed against Kishore K Swamy for his tweet about the last rites of Jameesha Mubin, terrorist suspect who died in the car explosion in front of Sangameswarar Temple at Kottaimedu, Coimbatore and the case is currently under NIA investigation. According to the cybercrime police, the tweet was “highly objectionable, dangerous, hateful and disturbing the peace between two sects.”

Screengrab from “The Hindu” website.

Being a supporter of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Edappadi Palaniswamy, former Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu, he had made many objectionable tweets in the past, about various political leaders from various parties in addition to many of the hate speech and misinformation.

Here’s a list of tweets we have compiled.

  1. In September 2022, Kishore K Swamy shared a video with a claim that a Maulana drugged a Hindu woman and was misbehaving with her when he was caught red-handed by Hindu activists. It turned out to be false as it was a scripted video. Read here.

Archived Tweet Link 

  1. In September 2022, in response to Ashok Swain’s tweet which said, “Onam being celebrated by Hijab-wearing Muslim girls in a school in Kerala – Onam is harvesting festival of people of Kerala, not of Hindus only as Hindu right-wing claims!”, Kishore K Swamy replied that Muslim radicals were chasing out and insulting girls for celebrating Onam which is false. Read here.

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  1. In April 2020, during the initial days of the Covid-19 pandemic, Kishore K Swamy made a facebook post which claimed that money thrown by some ‘rascals’ after spitting on it. This was just few days after a news report came about a case being filed against a youth connected to Tablighi Jamaat for allegedly spitting on a doctor when the Jamaat attendees were quarantined. However, this turned out to be false as the incident took place in Madhya Pradesh, not West Bengal. Read here.

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  1. In October 2022, Kishore K Swamy claimed that the Ministry of Minority Affairs could be scrapped but the Government clarified that no such proposal is under consideration. Read here.

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Other misinformation spread by him includes:

  1. Former Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu K.Kamaraj did not attend M.K.Stalin’s wedding in 1975 when in fact he did. Read here.
  2. A lady who smuggled alcohol in her two-wheeler was a party worker from Viduthalai Siruthaigal Katchi (VCK). Read here.
  3. A supposed video of Dharmapuri MP Senthil falling down while playing cricket. Read here.
  4. Naam Tamilar Katchi collecting money as donations for Thanjavur Brihadeeswarar Temple festival. Read here.
  5. Foreigners working in road construction in Chennai. Read here.
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