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The government of Tamil Nadu cares for cows? What is their plan?

It has been reported that the Minister of Hindu Religious Affairs, Sekar Babu is inspecting to set up a cow monastery (goshala) on 25 acres of land in Avadi, Chennai. Following this, various comments have been made on social media that the Tamil Nadu government is caring for cows.

Plan of the Department of Hindu Religious Affairs:

On behalf of the Department of Hindu Religious Affairs, Minister Sekar Babu in the Tamil Nadu Legislative Assembly subsidy request for 2022-23, “The kosalas maintained in 121 temples will be upgraded at an estimated cost of Rs. 20 crore. goshala with modern facilities for the maintenance of livestock donated to temples will be newly established on 25 acres of land owned by Arulmigu Sundararaja Perumal Temple in Avadi Circle, Tiruvallur District. Rs 20 crore will be spent for this”, he said and is inspecting the goshala related works as informed.

goshala :

“There are four integrated goshalas at Palani, Thiruchendur, Srirangam and Rameswaram to look after the cattle that come as offerings to the temples. Surplus cattle donated to temples are donated free of charge to women’s self-help groups, archagars and temple priests”, mentioned on the website of the Department of Hindu Religious Affairs.

What is its necessity?

There is a practice of donating cows to temples. There are four integrated goshala at Palani, Thiruchendur, Srirangam and Rameswaram. Cows donated to other temples will be sent there and maintained if there is no space available in other temples. Last year, the surplus cows belonging to the Srirangam temple were donated to the priests and archagars.

The temple aranilayathurai denied the allegations in a February 2022 lawsuit alleging that the donated cows were being sold to be slaughtered. However, the Chennai High Court judge has ordered the temple administration to stop donating cows to the priests and send them to the goshala and to inform the details of the donations received and donated cows.

In Tamil Nadu, when the number of cows donated by devotees to temples increases, there are cases where they go unnoticed on the roads and die in accidents, and sometimes even motorists.

For example, in December 2021, it can be seen in the news that the cows given by devotees to the Sevugaperumal Ayyanar Temple in Singampunari, Sivagangai district, were destroying the crops in agricultural lands, and some died in a road accident due to non-existence of goshala.

Due to poor maintenance of the goshala owned by the Thuraiyur Temple in 2020, when the cow counts increased, rabies affected dogs infiltrated the goshala and bit a calf.

Addressing the assembly on May 4, Minister Sekar Babu said, “Cows donated to temples are being abandoned. To set up a secured place it is planned to build a cow monastery in the 25 acres of temple land, Tiruvallur district at a cost of Rs.22.5 crores and one in Srirangam temple, Trichy”.

There are already goshala in Tamil Nadu temples. Minister Sekar Babu announced that a new goshala will be set up on the temple land in Avadi and Srirangam on behalf of the Hindu Charities Department to maintain the cows donated to the temples and that the goshala maintained in 121 temples in Tamil Nadu will be upgraded at Rs. 20 crore.

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