Aavin orange milk packet’s fat percentage based on Youturn’s research findings.

According to YouTurn's laboratory-assisted test, the orange milk packet's fat content is 6 percent.

There were criticisms from a variety of sources when it was revealed that the Aavin Company, which is governed by the state of Tamil Nadu, was discontinuing its green milk packets (stabilized milk). Thus, the government reversed course and green milk packets are being distributed regularly once more.

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Aavin’s orange milk packet, which contains full-fat milk, should have 6% fat in it. On his X page, which was formerly Twitter, BJP Tamil Nadu State President Annamalai shared the findings of the “Chennai Testing Laboratory,” which showed that the fat content was only 4.79 percent.

While the research study results were released on October 31, Annamalai shared the results on his X page on November 20. Furthermore, there is no mention of Aavin in that lab report. Meanwhile, claims were made that since the milk was provided in a “PET Container,” there was no proof that it was “Aavin Milk.”

Speaking about Annamalai’s allegation, Mano Thangaraj, Minister of Milk and Daily Development said that the report published by Annamalai is fake.

Research carried out by YouTurn:

On behalf of You Turn, we tested the orange-colored milk packet in three laboratories on November 21 to determine which of these two opinions was true. It contains the “Chennai Testing Laboratory” that Annamalai mentioned, as well as the “Monarch Biotech” and “Scientific Food Testing” laboratories.

Test results:

• Chennai Testing Laboratory – 6.07%

• Scientific Food Testing – 6.12%

• Monarch Biotech – 6.11%

The company stated that of these three laboratories, only Chennai Testing Laboratory omits the name of the product being tested from their test results. Aavin’s name appeared alongside the results in the other two labs.

The orange milk packet has the correct 6 percent fat content, according to all three laboratory tests. Additionally, a recommended amount of 9 percent of SNF (Solids not fat) is also present.

Likewise, tests were conducted on the milk produced by the private company “Arokiya.” the report suggests that the recommended quantity of fat was present in it.

This study confirms that the allegation made by Annamalai that the orange milk packet contains less than the prescribed amount of fat content in Aavin orange milk is not true.

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