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Are the agricultural amendment laws only for the survival of people like Adanis? proofs and sources mentioned in the video.

“Who is going to talk for the farmer?” in this article, we added the sources and references that appear in the video by Youturn’s Editor Iyan Karthikeyan who explained about the contemporary Implications for the Jharkhand Tribes by the Agricultural Bill and Adani’s Company in that video.

The Central Government’s Agriculture Bill 2020 has now been enacted into law. You may have heard of the problem in it. Let’s talk about some of the key issues in the law. The main problem with them is that some things are being talked about trade and trade policies. In it, the law states that there is no possibility of prosecution or legal action against the central government or the state government.

However, they say that we can not sue if it is recommended in good faith. Therefore, the law states that no one should be prosecuted, not only the Central and State Governments and their employees. In particular, they say, “there is no civil court involved in pursuing any case.” So, no case can be filed against anyone. This is related to the environmental impact assessment. Even in that EIA, there was a definition that the authorities and those involved could sue, which was not in this case.

Next, they define essential items for everyday use, such as rice, potatoes, oil, and onions. They are amending the law to prevent them from being hoarded and inflated. But now they change the law by defining the essential items like grains, potatoes, cooking oil and oilseeds as non-essential ingredients.

More importantly, there is a ban on exporting and hoarding when there is a sharp rise in prices during emergencies such as war and drought. They say it should be 100% priced if it is a horticultural product, and can only be implemented if it is 50% priced if it is a perishable product. Beyond this, this stock limit does not apply even if you are an exporter and a participant in the value chain. You can export and stock even if you are a processor. Thus people will have the opportunity to hoard when demand is high and will face further inflation.

The reason for this, the government says, is that farmers do not get the right price because of the lack of cold storage facilities, and there is no private investment in them because they do not invest privately due to the loopholes in the law for essential commodities. To dilute that law they are amending the law to “Attract private investments”.

Adani vs Jharkhand People:

It is said that the EIA 2020 should not be prosecuted until the Agriculture Act 2020. You can only understand this if you know what is happening in the country when there are various laws that can be sued before this.

Many of you will know about Adani. Adani takes coal from Australia, processes it in India and sells 1600 MW of electricity to Bangladesh. For this, the Godda tribe a village in the state of Jharkhand was choosen. The people in the village are expressing their opposition in various ways. Yet, the project is being implemented there despite that opposition. Let’s see how they came up with it.

Foreigners attending the hearing are given a green card and locals a red card. News articles and videos of the locals revealed that they were preventing locals from entering. At that hearing, they also talked about corporate social responsibility (CSR). This is what is happening in the public hearing.

In addition, the people there have been attacked and their farms and crops have been plundered. According to the LARR Act, land can be taken from the area only if it has the support of 80% of the people. According to the company, 84% of the people in the village supported the referendum. But before that, the resolution was passed that the project should not come up in the village panchyat meeting. Even so, owning one is still beyond the reach of the average person.

In an interview with India Spent, a news organization that is investigating whether the data provided by the government on the internet is true, not a single villager said they supported the project in their village.

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Well, we thought at least the project will provide electricity to the people in the village and in the state as the company has tweeted that it will supply 25% of the electricity from the project to the state of Jharkhand. However, they didn’t provide electricity to the people in the village by mentioning that the plant is located in the Special Economic Zone (SEZ) it is not required to supply it either. Some various articles state that 100% of electricity is sold to Bangladesh.

So, they are turning the area into a special economic zone and spoiling the minimum use. The situation is such that the tribals in the state of Jharkhand have to lose their land to take coal from Australia and sell it in Bangladesh. Adani’s company has been operating in Australia and Jharkhand despite strong opposition.

The law states that when they acquire land from the SC and ST people, another piece of land equivalent to it should be given as compensation. However, Godda officials, who said that the project should be provided only if it is for irrigation, are said not to have provided land acquired through this project. That is wrong, acquiring land from the SC and ST people for any project, another piece of land equivalent to it should be given as compensation.

Despite all these laws, we need to think about the situation of the Indian people if this is the situation of the farmers and tribal people who owned the land.

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