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Controversy over Adani’s investment in Myanmar military linked company!

The Myanmar military has declared a one-year “national emergency” to seize control of the people’s government and impose military rule. The Myanmar military has shocked the world with a series of attacks on the Myanmar people who fought against it on February 1, a gross human rights violation. It is noteworthy that the army killed more than 350 people in the incident.

Meanwhile, data has surfaced on social media that the Adani Group has paid $30 million in ‘land lease fees’ to the Myanmar Economic Corporation (MEC), a military body controlled by the Myanmar military.

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In July 2019, the Adani Group entered into negotiations on the construction of a port in Yangon, Myanmar. At the time, ABC News from Australia published video and photos of Karan Adani, CEO of the Adani Group, meeting with Myanmar Army Chief, Senior General Min Aung Hlung.

It is noteworthy that this military leader, General Min Aung Hlung, was the leader of a military organization that carried out dictatorial attacks on the people of Myanmar. On the contrary, Adani said in a statement last month that it had no contact with the Myanmar military leadership.

Documents from the Yangon Region Investment Commission were leaked, according to ABC News. According to the document, the Adani Group paid $30 million in ‘land lease fees’ to the Myanmar Economic Corporation (MEC).

A joint report by the Australian Center for International Justice (ACIJ) and the Justice for Myanmar (JFM), a voluntary action group, states that the Adani Group will pay another $22 million in “land permit” fees to the Myanmar Economic Corporation.

The Myanmar Economic Corporation is the main source of funding for the Myanmar Army. On March 25, the United States imposed sanctions on military-owned companies, including the MEC, for their involvement in the Myanmar military’s offensive against democracy.

Moreover, the Adani Group has been linked to some Myanmar officials who have been banned by the US government for engaging in propaganda against the Rohingya Muslim minority, including General Healing.

The economy of a military regime depends on the income and corporate investments of the various business entities controlled by that military.

In this context, they withdrew from the Myanmar Agreement with the MEC, despite repeated declarations that “engaging in business with a military-controlled entity that has committed various crimes, including human rights abuses, civilian attacks, war crimes, and war crimes against the Rohingya people, is tantamount to providing direct financial assistance to the Myanmar military.” They refused. ” Rawan Araf, ACIJ’s human rights lawyer, told ABC News.

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The Adani Group has condemned the Myanmar military’s human rights abuses as the news has been widely circulated on social media and international media.

The statement added that “Adani Group executives attended a meeting with the Indian government and that the photos taken at the time were misleading on social media now.”

  • Arun Prasad, Student Journalist (Training) 

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