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Did the NTK Party pay homage to Ambedkar’s birthday?

Dr Ambedkar’s 130th birthday was celebrated across the country on April 14. Many political leaders wore garlands to the statue and photo of Ambedkar and posted birthdays on social media.

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In this situation, “NTK party ​​are the only party that did not pay any respect to Ambedkar’s birthday” was posted on Twitter by a Twitter ID. Many are sharing this.

As it was sharing widely on social media, Youturn subscribers tagged us on this post and also inbox us to find the authenticity of this post.

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On Ambedkar’s 130th birthday, political party leaders in Tamil Nadu paid homage to the Ambedkar statue by wearing garlands and posting on social media. However, we have no information that Seeman, the coordinator of the NTK Party, paid homage or issued a statement regarding Ambethkar’s birthday.

On April 14, NTK Party’s official Twitter page and Seeman’s Twitter page has no posts related to Ambedkar’s birthday.

However, in many towns we have the respective area executives of the NTK Party engaged in activities such as placing posters, banners on the eve of Ambedkar’s birthday, wearing garlands to the statue and offering sweets.

When we spoke to some (three) NTK Party secretaries about this, they said, “Usually the respectively responsible executives of the party are responsible for birthdays and other events and put up posters or banners. It is also their duty. There is a shortage of people here for such administrative matter. So we will carry this out ourselves. There may be reasons like workload for not congratulating Dr Ambedkar, which does not mean that we reject Ambedkar Jayanthi. Everyone here is following in Ambedkar’s wise words. ”

Every year on the occasion of Ambedkar’s birthday and memorial day, we pay homage to the statue of Seeman Ambedkar, the coordinator of the Tamil Party. There are many photos on the internet of Seeman wearing a garland to the Ambedkar statue in the last few years. Some of its supporters have been sharing it on social media.

However, this year we have not published the official pages of the NTK Party and no such posts on Seeman’s side regarding Ambedkar’s birthday, we don’t know why. However, NTK Party is personally paying homage to Ambedkar on his birthday.

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