This article is from Nov 21, 2020

GoBackAmitShah & TNwelcomesAmitshah hashtags are trending in Bihar, UP, Delhi!

The hashtag #Gobackmodi will be trending on social media whenever Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi visits Tamil Nadu. Today the hashtag #GoBackAmitShah is trending on social media, including Twitter, against the visit of Union Home Minister Amit Shah, who is currently visiting Tamil Nadu.

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The #GoBackAmitShah hashtag is the number one on Twitter in India and the #GoBackAmitShah hashtag is trending number one in Tamil Nadu. Meanwhile, the #GoBackAmitShah hashtag has become trending also on Twitter in other few states including Bihar, Uttar Pradesh and Delhi.

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Against this in the next 1 hour, #TNwelcomesAmitshah hashtag has also been trending in other states including Bihar, Uttar Pradesh and Delhi. #TNwelcomesAmitshah ranks second in India. Both hashtags are competing and trending. However, the #TNwelcomesAmitshah hashtag is not even in the top 10 in Tamilnadu’s Twitter trending. #GoBackAmitShah is only trending.

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#TNwelcomesAmitshah tops the trending list of cities including Delhi, Patna, Lucknow, Hyderabad and Bangalore. BJP supporters in Tamil Nadu have been using the hashtag #TNwelcomesAmitshah to post, but are not trending in Tamilnadu.

The social media division of the political parties (IT Wing) and the organizations working for them are carrying out trending for and against the political party leader on social networking sites including Twitter. It is noteworthy that screenshots have recently spread on social networking sites as the hashtag of support for DMK chief Stalin has also been trending in Bihar.

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