This article is from Jul 15, 2021

No, Amul did not lay off 1.38 lakh beef-eating Muslim employees !

A rumor that Amul, India’s leading dairy company, has laid off 1.38 lakh beef-eating employees has gone viral on social media in many languages including Hindi. Behind this rumor lies only the hate politics of religion and beef.

According to reports circulating in Hindi, “Every step towards Hindu unity … Amul Milk owner Anand Seth expelled 1.38 lakh Muslims from his factory. Looking at the despicable jihad in the country, it is possible to give contaminated milk, yoghurt and ghee to the people of the country. Will you drink that? ”

Amul Milk has not released any official information that only beef eating staff have been fired from the company. There is no notice even on their social web pages. Some are using the name of Amul to create anti-Muslim rumors and circulating them on social media.

Amul is a Dairy Co-operative Society based in Anand, Gujarat. It was founded by Dr. Varghese in the 1950s. It is managed by Gujarat Cooperative Milk Marketing Federation Limited (GCMMF). Its cooperative was formed in 1973.

AMUL stands for Anand Milk Union Limited. The story writer might have thought Anand is the name of a CEO of Amul, that’s why the name Anand Seth is used in the social media posts. Anand Seth is not the name of the owner of Amul. The current chairman of the GCMMF is Shamalbhai B Patel and the vice-chairman is Valamjibai R Humbak. RS Sothi is the Managing Director of the Co-operative.

“Amul does not even have 1.38 lakh employees,” RS Sodhi, managing director, told aajtak, a Hindi website. He added, “This claim is therefore baseless. Amul became a co-operative society with no owners. Amul is owned by millions of farmers who distribute milk associated with it. Amul does not discriminate on the basis of caste and religion. ”

Amul did not fire its staff on the basis of religion or food. They have created an imaginary CEO of Amul and rumoured that it has laid off 1.38 lakh employees. The notion of cooking up these stories against the beef eaters of our country is nothing but pure hatred. These are just an example of how the projections of hatred are manufactured on social media against a certain group of people across the country!

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