An overview of political parties and their top donors through electoral bonds!

The information about which company (Purchaser) donated to which company was not disclosed in the data that the SBI previously released. So, the Election Commission’s data only included the amount and date the political parties received through the electoral bonds. This was previously published by us as an article, which you can read here.

On March 21, 2024, the State Bank of India has provided/ disclosed all details of the electoral bonds which are in its possession and custody to the Election Commission of India,” State Bank chairman Dinesh Kumar Khara told the top court in the affidavit.

According to the previous data, BJP tops the list as the most funded party with ₹6060 crore. It is followed by parties like Trinamool Congress (₹1,609 crore) and Congress (₹1,421 crore). BRS, BJD, and DMK are fourth, fifth, and sixth respectively as the parties that have cashed more than ₹500 crore in electoral bonds.

Let’s look at the specifics of which party received large donations from which business from 12, April 2019 till February 2024 in this article.


As we already know BJP tops the list, after the recent release of data by the SBI we learned that Megha Engineering groups are the major donors of the BJP with a total of Rs 664 Crores. Here, this total amount is calculated along with other sister companies of Megha groups.

The second major contribution is made by Reliance. Reliance holds almost 50% shares of Qwik Supply Chain and this company bought electoral bonds from BJP with a total of Rs 400 crores. Notably, a company named Laxmidas Vallabdas Asmita Merchant has been linked to Reliance as Laxmidas V Merchant is the director of multiple Reliance Group-owned entities, and has given Rs 25 crores. Interestingly, this concern contributed only to the BJP party among the rest.

Next comes MK Jalan Group of companies with Rs 351.92 crores to BJP, which is 57.04% share of the MK Jalan’s total electoral bonds. The split up is as follows: Madanlal Limited – Rs. 175.5, Keventer Foodpark Infra Limited – Rs. 144.5 crores, MKJ Enterprises – Rs. 26.92 crores and Sasmal Infrastructure Private Limited – Rs. 5 crores.

Aditya Birla Group of companies come as the fourth donor of BJP with Rs 258 crores. Out of 258 crores, 138 crores worth electoral bonds were bought in the names of ABNL Investment Limited, Grasim Industries Limited, and Birla Carbon India Private Limited. It is noteworthy that these companies donated only to BJP. Apart from these Aditya Group of companies, Essel Mining and Industries Limited donated 50 crores and Utkal Alumina International Limited -donated 70 crores to BJP.

Now, Vedanta Limited groups come as the fifth biggest donor of BJP with Rs 230.15 Crores. This is followed by Bharti Airtel groups with Rs 236.40 Crores and Madanlal Limited groups with Rs 351.92 Crores.

Notably, 350 out of 1317 purchasers donated only to BJP, and this amount sums to Rs 259.62 Crores.


The Trinamool Congress became the main beneficiary of donations from Santiago Martin, the self-proclaimed “lottery king,” following the latter’s receipt of electoral bonds worth Rs 542 Crore from Future Gaming. The RP Sanjiv Goenka Group’s Haldia Energy, Dhariwal, PCBL, and RPSG Ventures companies come next, adding a total of Rs 414 Crores.


The top donor of the Indian National Congress is MK Jalan Group with Rs. 160.5 crores, followed by Megha Engineering and its sister concern, Western UP Power Transmission Company with Rs. 128 crores, and next comes Vedanta with Rs 125 Crores.


Bharat Rashtra Samithi was the fourth-largest recipient of electoral bonds. Here the top donor is Megha Engineering along with its other ventures to a sum of Rs 195 Crores. This is followed by Yashoda Super Speciality Hospital with a sum of Rs 94 Crores and Chennai Green Woods with Rs 50 Crores.


The Aditya Birla Group was the largest contributor to the BJD, giving Rs 249.45 crore. Aditya Birla’s Essel Mining and Industries, Utkal Alumina International Limited, ABNl Investment, Grasim Industries and Birla Carbon totally have contributed the said amount. Next in line is Jindal Steel and Power, which contributed Rs 130 crore along with Jindal Stainless Steel Limited.


Among the parties that have received donations exceeding Rs 500 crore through electoral bonds, DMK comes in at number six. The ruling party in Tamil Nadu received Rs 503 crore from the Future Gaming groups, making them the largest donor. Next up, with a combined amount of Rs 85 Crores, are all the Megha Engineering groups.

Future Gaming and Hotel Services, Megha Engineering, Haldia Energy Limited, Aditya Birla Group, MK Jalan Group and Qwik Supply Chain Limited along with Laxmidas Vallabdas Merchant are the top five donors out of the 1317 total contributors.

Also, because many of the major donors have sister companies, it can be challenging to determine the total amount donated by a particular business.

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