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AP Govt’s green signal for Anandaiah’s herbal cure. What does the study report say ?

The Andhra Pradesh Ayurveda practitioner caused a stir by claiming his herbal invention will cure corona disease with no side effects. The state government too has given permission to distribute it.

Anandaiah, an Ayurvedic practitioner from Krishnapatnam, Andhra Pradesh, has been distributing the medicine (some laxatives and eye drops) since April 21. The crowd, was initially small, but after the news spread to the nearby areas people flocked to acquire the medicine especially the eye medicine that was circulated as cure for corona and that it increases the oxygen level.

Inspite of the fact that he did not have any professional training, it was reported that he developed the drug based on his experience and distributed it to the public for free. Although not scientifically proven, people claim that this drug is effective. Police had to intervene to control the crowd as people continued to invade the area to buy medicine. Police said no formal permission had been obtained to distribute the drug and that many in the crowd were infected with Covid-19.

A video was circulated on social media on May 21 of a retired headmaster from the Kota area of Nellore district who was diagnosed with coronavirus and later took Anandaiah’s herbal eye drops and said it was good. Many videos have been widely shared on websites to propagate Anandaiah’s eye medicine.

Kani Govardhan Reddy, an MLA from Sarveypalli, announced that the state government was making arrangements for the distribution of Ayurvedic medicines even though it had not been duly approved by the government. He further added that “supply has resumed as people are in a state of unrest.”

Uncontrolled gatherings in one place will create a very dangerous situation in the context of the rapid spread of the corona epidemic. Everyone starting from the opposition parties to locals urge the government to take immediate action. Following this, Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Jagan Mohan issued an order banning the distribution of the drug. The YSR Congress MLA, who had earlier prescribed the drug, visited the spot and told locals that distribution had been stopped for the next 10 days.

Further, Chief Minister Jagan Mohan Reddy has ordered a comprehensive study to find out if there is any scientific evidence for the medicine invented by Anandaiah. The state health department has appointed a committee headed by Andhra Pradesh AYUSH Commissioner Ramalu Nayak to study the drug. It also asked the Central Ministry of AYUSH and the CCRAC to study the drug.

On May 24, the Andhra AYUSH team collected samples from Anandaiah and sent them to a laboratory in Vijayawada. Following this, the Andhra Pradesh government declared the drug distributed by Ananthaiya as “safe without side effects “.

The AYUSH Commissioner told reporters, “A study by a panel of experts has revealed that the drug does not contain any harmful substances. This medicine is made with 8 types of herbs as ingredients. So far, 80,000 people have taken the drug. We spoke to some of them and received no complaints from anyone. However, it cannot be recognized as Ayurvedic medicine. ”

However, a team of officials appointed by the Nellore District Collector to inspect the drugs said, “Ananthaiya is not a qualified expert in Ayurvedic medicine and the procedures he describes are not the basic process of Ayurvedic medicine.”

Controversy erupted again on May 31 after reports emerged that a retired editor-in-chief who claimed to have benefited from Anandaiah’s eye medicine had suffered more than 90 per cent lung damage.

CCRAS has released a preliminary report examining 4 types of legumes and ophthalmology of Anandaiah that claim to cure corona infection. Based on this, the Andhra Pradesh government has approved the distribution of “Krishnapatnam medicine” on May 30. However, the government did not approve it as it would take 2-3 weeks for full reports on the effectiveness of the eye drug, which is said to increase oxygen levels. The full study report on these drugs is anticipated to be released in 2 weeks.

In this connection, a high-level review meeting on Covid-19 was held under the chairmanship of Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Jagan Mohan Reddy. It has been approved to distribute three of the 4 herbals. However, according to the CCRAS report, there is no evidence that Krishnapatnam medicine has cured Covid-19 and patients can take regular medications prescribed by doctors and use them in combination with Krishnapatnam medicine. This is said to be his personal preference.

Furthermore, it has been advised that proper controls should be followed while distributing these drugs and that those affected by corona should not have any physical contact with anyone including relatives. Numerous articles and videos have been published on the topic of Herbals of Anandaiah in Andhra Pradesh as the Miracle Cure for Corona! However, the Ayurvedic study team report that Anandaiah drugs cannot be used to treat corona and the CCRAS study report states that there is no evidence that Corona has been cured by this. As there are no side effects, it is permissible to use 3 remedies as supportive along with other medicines prescribed by doctors.

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