This article is from Feb 27, 2021

Only 4% of Government School Students are in Anna University -RTI Information!

The number of government school students in medical courses has dropped dramatically since the NEET exam. It became a major issue and met with opposition. Following this, the Government of Tamil Nadu announced a 7.5% quota for government school students in medical courses.

In this situation, RTI information obtained regarding the details of the government school students studying at Anna University has revealed that only 4% of the government school students are studying in the main campus of Anna University.

Of the total 3040 students enrolled in colleges including CEG, ACTECH, MIT, SAP under Anna University in 2018-19, only 148 were government school students. Similarly, out of a total of 3004 students enrolled in 2017-18, only 144 are government school students.

Only 4 colleges in the Anna University main campus have been provided for the RTI petition filed in November 2020 regarding the number of government school, government-aided school and private school students enrolled in all engineering colleges in Tamil Nadu in 2017-18 and 2018-19.

According to Mr. Shankar , a member of the younger generation who received this RTI information, according to RTI information, only 4% of students at Anna University are government school students. To overcome this situation, many poor students will benefit if the law is brought in that 20% priority will be given to those who study in the Tamil medium, just as there is a quota of 7.5% for medical studies and for government school students in other courses or for government employment. ”

When speaking to the Kudankulam nuclear power plant protest coordinator S.B.Udhayakumar he said, “a mere 4% of public school students of the Anna University study indicates a pathetic position. The campus of government schools is ecologically undermining the self-confidence of students. Allocating government school students to other courses is only a temporary solution. A permanent solution to this can be found by starting the education of all government school students and improving the learning environment, teacher skills and textbook quality.”

When speaking to the PB Prince Gajendrababu (General Secretary, State Platform of Common School System) said, “Private school students and government school students do not study in the same environment here. The government is not making any effort to address the problems and challenges faced by students in government schools. Giving reservations to government school students is not the right solution. The only solution is the common school system. Make a draft of what is required for a school and make it compulsory in all government schools. The learning activity is higher in government schools than in private schools. Therefore, a solution can be found by implementing this common school system as recommended by the Kothari Commission.”

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