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Anna University Institute of Eminence status Issue | Source of compilation video about Surappa!

The issue regarding Anna University of Tamil Nadu getting the special status of “Institutes of Eminence” has become a matter of controversy. In this context, Anna University Vice Chancellor MK Surappa’s letter to the Central Human Resource Development Department on June 2 last year argued that he was acting arbitrarily. Here is a summary of the video released by Youturn regarding this issue.

Fierce protests erupted in 2018 when MK Surappa from Karnataka was appointed Vice Chancellor of Anna University. After that, there were frictions between Surappa and the Tamil Nadu government. When Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Edappadi Palanichamy announced that he would pass the arrear students who had paid fees due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Surappa objected, “This is not possible. AICTE will not allow this. ” It was said that even in the case pursued in the High Court, it could not be implemented without the approval of the AICTE.

Founded in 1978 in Chennai, Anna University offers higher education degrees and research in fields including engineering and technology. Most of the engineering colleges in Tamil Nadu are affiliated to Anna University.

If Anna University gets the special status of “Institutes of Eminence” it will get 1000 crore financial assistance. As the Anna University is under the control of the state government half of the financial assistance should be provided by the state government and the rest by the central government. State of Tamil Nadu didn’t accept this rule. At the time, Vice-Chancellor Surappa had said that Anna University could raise Rs 1,570 crore at a rate of Rs 314 per annum for 5 years. A letter has been sent to Surappa from the Tamil Nadu government asking for an explanation on how to raise these funds.

Even if the state government gives maybe Rs 500 crore, the university will function as an autonomous body after gaining eminence status. The Tamil Nadu government, which had initially applied for eminence status for Anna University and set up a committee of ministers for the purpose, is now backing down.

Tamil Nadu Minister CV Shanmugam has said that the 69% reservation in operation at Anna University is unlikely to be implemented here and would not comment if asked about it.
But Surappa says he has received a letter from the central government. All letters of reply cannot be taken as a government order, can they?

One of the important things to note about eminence status is that universities granted under this status will be given more autonomy in both administratively and curriculum.

Next, no funding will be given after 1000 crore. They have to raise the funds for themselves. But it is also unclear how that is possible. Financially they are left to resist for themselves.

These educational institutions can work in collaboration with foreign universities. 25% can appoint professors from abroad and 30% are allowed to enrol foreign students. In addition, operating with financial autonomy is likely to increase the fees of the educational institution to deal with the funds. If you look at the 69% reservation, it is said that there is a reservation (50%) as they mentioned in the parliament.

Earlier, JIO University, which was not yet constructed in the list of private educational institutions with special eminence status as “Institutes of Eminence”, was controversial.

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