This article is from Apr 03, 2021

Voting machine found in Assam BJP candidate’s car… EC ordered to re-poll!

In Assam, the incident in which EVM machines found in the vehicle of a BJP candidate from a constituency caused a stir across the country.

Assam is currently in the second phase of elections with about 77% of the vote. Krishnandu Paul is contesting from Ratabari constituency in the state on behalf of the BJP. A scene of him carrying a voting machine in a car registered in his wife’s name was published on social networking sites last April 1 and caused a stir.

The Election Commission, which investigated the incident, has suspended four Election Commission officials who worked in the constituency. It also released a statement on the incident.

Accordingly, as soon as the counting of votes ended at 6 pm, an armed security guard led by a police officer was escorted from Ratabari to Karimganj, the district capital.

The Sector Officer of the constituency was informed and a replacement vehicle was arranged. At around 9.20 am due to traffic congestion, a vehicle with registration number AS-10B-0022 was loaded into the voting machine without verifying the ownership of the vehicle, after which it was revealed that it was the vehicle of the BJP candidate’s wife.

They also said that when the vehicle reached Karimganj at about 10 a.m., a mob of about 50 people surrounded the car and hurled stones at it, and only then did election officials know the full details after they said, “This voting machine is wrecked, this is the vehicle of the constituency candidate’s wife.” It is said that the voting machine was sealed without any damage when the district election officer came there and inspected it.

However, the Election Commission said in a statement that a re-poll was being held at the polling station in the constituency and that four officials, including an election official, had been suspended.

Union Home Minister Amit Shah has said, “I do not know the details of this incident as I am campaigning in South India,” amid concerns over the Election Commission’s doubt to use the voting machine to determine the regime. Perhaps the Election Commission should take appropriate action as per the law if it has happened as you said. We have never been an obstacle for the Election Commission to take action, ” he told India Today.

  • Arun Prasad, Student Journalist (Training) 
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