This article is from Sep 24, 2021

Police firing, photographer stomping a body of a person. What happened in Assam?

The video started with scenes of policemen in self-protection wear firing the protestors, shots a person in dhoti who came with a stick to hit the police, and when he fell the policemen started hitting him with sticks. Then a photographer was seen stomping the body fiercely. The video which shows the bloody wounds in the victim’s chest and legs has gone viral on social media.

The video is shared mentioning that this is the status of BJP ruling state, and is genocide.

What happened?

One of the major promises in the BJP manifesto before the 2016 and 2021 legislative elections is to reclaim government land, lands belonging to temples and monasteries from the encroachers and to hand it over to the indigenous landless people in the state.

A part of evacuating illegal encroachment has started on September 20 in Dholpur 1 and Dholpur 3, C Bazar in Assam by the state government.

On September 20, the encroachers protested which ends up in a conflict between protesters and the policemen. One of the protesters from the crowd seem to come forward with a stick to hit the policemen and was shot in his chest and was beaten brutally. Shockingly, a photographer hired by the district administration to document the situation stomps and hits the body of the person shot down.

He is identified as Bijay Shankar Baniya, a photographer appointed by the district administration after the video went viral. Assam DGP Baskar Jothi Mahinda said, “I ordered arresting him as soon as I saw the video. We cannot tolerate such actions”.

It is said from the police department that they fired first into the sky to disperse the protesters and since it did not work out they started firing the protesters. Two protesters Saddam Hussein and Sheikh Farid were killed in this incident. At least 10 civilians and 9 placement were injured.

Assam CM Himanta Biswa Sarma condemned this act and has ordered for CBI inquiry.

BJP National General Secretary Dilip Saikia, “A notice was sent to the people before the incident. They belong to Bangladesh. They occupied government lands before a few years”, as per National Herald news.

The government has reported that 602.40 hectares of land is reclaimed by evicting 800 families in Assam’s Darrang and 4 illegally built religious structures were demolished in C Bazar.

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