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P.V.Sindhu who won a medal in the Olympics is tagged with caste names like Devar, Nadar and Ravuthar !

Indian badminton player P.V.Sindhu fetched a bronze medal in Tokyo 2029 Olympics and became an athlete with two Olympic medals.

P.V.Sindhu’s caste was searched the most on the google during last Olympics and the current one. Now social media users seem to circulate the posts where P.V.Sindhu is tagged with a caste or religious name. A post, “We are happy to inform that P.V.Sindhu alias Sivagami Natchiyar, daughter of Perunilakizhar Thiru.Velusamy Devar and granddaughter of Paramakudi Zamin Late Periyasamy Devar fetched a bronze medal in Olympics”, is being circulated on social media platforms including WhatsApp and Facebook.

Facebook link | Archive link

This is a sarcastic post shared on the Facebook page named ‘Durai Thevan CP’. There are few other posts on the same page proving it to be sarcastic. Since then people started tagging her as Christian nadar, Muslim ravuthar and so on.


Facebook link | Archive link

Facebook link | Archive link

Though the post was shared with the sarcastic notion, only a few took it in the same way and have commented sarcastically, whereas most of the social media users are sharing it on Whatsapp thinking that the post is true. This act is also getting trolled on social media.

P.V.Sindhu was born in 1995 to the couple P.V.Ramana – P.Vijaya in Hyderabad. It is to be noted that Andhra and Telangana governments competed in rewarding her when she won a silver medal in the previous Olympics.

One side of social media seems to appreciate her efforts of fetching a medal in the Olympics and the other side spreads unnecessary and condemnable sarcastic posts on an athlete who won two medals in Olympics.

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