This article is from Aug 13, 2020

Bangalore‌ ‌Violence:‌ ‌Muslims‌ ‌Defend‌ ‌Hindu‌ ‌Temple‌ ‌-‌ ‌What‌ ‌Happened?‌

A relative of Akantha Srinivas Murthy, a Congress legislator from Pulicat Nagar, Bangalore, posted a defamatory post about the Prophet on his social networking site, which is said to have sparked violence in north-east Bangalore.

At around 8 pm on Tuesday, a set of people crowded in front of the house of Pulikasi Nagar MLA Murthy, and another set of people went to the DJ Halli police station to lodge a complaint about the person’s post on a social media account. Hundreds of people took to the streets to demand immediate prosecution and action against the person who posted the insult to Islam. Police say, the mob then turned violent and set fire to two-wheelers outside the police station.

Another gang set fire to several vehicles near the MLA’s house. Police stations at DJ Halli and KJ Halli have been attacked in the violence. Police fired tear gas and batons to quell the violence. Three people are said to have been killed in the police firing. According to the police, 60 members of the police force were injured.

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110 people have been arrested in connection with the violence. Also, a relative of the MLA who posted the defamatory post has been arrested. His social media post is currently deleted. Commissioner of Police Kamal Pant said curfew has been imposed in two police stations in DJ Halli and KJ Halli and a restraining order has been issued across the city.

On the other hand, after the violence, a video of a Muslim youth’s human chain set up to protect Hindu temple from the riot inside the DJ Halli police station boundary went viral on social media.

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“We all live as brothers and sisters. We have nothing against any religion. We do not fight against any individual, any caste or community. We seek justice only because the son-in-law of MLA Srinivas Murthy insulted our Prophet. We can’t tolerate that, “said Tariq al-Hashimi, the party’s secretary-general.

MLA Srinivas Murthy had posted a video of the incident. In it, he said, “Muslims must keep the peace, we will give support to them too and the necessary action should be taken regarding this incident”

“The government will not tolerate such provocations and rumours. I request the public to keep the peace, ” said Karnataka Chief Minister Eduyurappa. Many political leaders have condemned the violence and also posted that the people must keep the peace.

We have seen a lot of hate and insulting comments about religion on social media and divisions and conflicts among the people. Similarly, incidents of violence are not the answer. Whoever perpetrated the violence is reprehensible. Violence can only cause large-scale losses.

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