Explanation of the Chennai police who posted and deleted the “beef” post as unnecessary!

One of the non-vegetarian foods, beef, is causing conflicts in the political arena. Voices are being raised that others should not interfere in the matter of the food one eats and that one should not see what is on the other’s plate. As a way of expressing it, people who eat beef tend to post it on social media.

Meanwhile, on July 6, Abubacker of Naam Tamilar Party posted a picture of food captioned “beef”, for which the Chennai Corporation Police’s Twitter page, “Such a post is unnecessary here. Unnecessary posts should be avoided,” tweeted.

One has every right to post the food they like or eat, on social media. Voices against the tweet that how can it be unnecessary to post beef food and how can the Chennai police interfere in someone else’s food preference are being raised.

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Also, DMK’s Dharmapuri Member of Parliament Senthil Kumar tweeted, “Who handles this ID handle? Why What is wrong with that post? On what basis what to post and what to eat is advised unnecessarily by the Chennai Police. There is no action for hundreds of abusive/false posts”, in a reply post to the Chennai police’s tweet.

As this incident went to the MP and was condemned, the Chennai Corporation Police Twitter page has deleted the post.

However, “the tweet was retweeted on the Twitter page of the Chennai Police Department, and the post was made because personal posts on the Twitter page for public use should be avoided. But we apologize for posting this on the page by mistake. This is not about anyone’s personal food preference,” the Chennai Police Twitter page replied.

If it was retweeted by the person managing the Chennai Police Twitter page, they could have deleted it, but what is the need to mark this post as unnecessary. However, the beef post which was posted and deleted by the Chennai Police from its Twitter account has gone viral on social media.

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