This article is from May 07, 2021

A man who featured in BJP’s post that a party worker died in WB violence says “I’m alive”

A video with video recordings and photos of members of their party killed and harmed in post-election violence in West Bengal has been posted on social media pages of the West Bengal BJP and BJP4India.

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In a video released on behalf of the BJP in connection with the West Bengal violence, they are using a photo of someone alive and unrelated to West Bengal.

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In this situation, Abhro Banerjee released a video regarding this, “I am Abhro Banerjee. I am in good hearty, 1,300 km from Sitalakuchi. The BJP IT unit is calling me Manik Moitra who died in Sitalakuchi. Please do not trust fake records, do not worry. I repeat I am still alive. ”

The video was removed from the West Bengal BJP ‘s Facebook page after the Abhro Banerjee post went viral, but not from the BJP4India page. Manik Moitra was photographed in the 2.35th minute of the 5.38 minute video released by the BJP.

The BJP had earlier shared the names of nine victims of post-election violence in West Bengal. Among them are the names of Manik Moitra and Mindu Barman who were killed in Sitalakuchi. However, no one has been identified as “Manik Moitra”, the Indian Today article said.

Abhro Banerjee is said to be a journalist with India Today. The posts posted by Abhro Banerjee as the BJP released a video of him dead using his photo are currently going viral on social websites.

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