This article is from Aug 23, 2020

Tamil language not included in Bharatgas’s Android Application!

Screenshots of Bharat Gas’s Android application have gone viral on social networking sites, alleging that the Tamil language is not included in the application. The non-inclusion of Tamil language in the mobile application of the public sector undertaking Bharat Petroleum has been condemned.

Facebook link | archive link 

Facebook link | archive link 

Some of them posted that Tamil language is not featured and others shared another screenshot saying that Tamil language is featured in the application saying that “do not share any misinformation regarding this app”.

However, those screenshots are not featured on the application, instead they are sharing app preview photos on the Google Play Store. When downloading the Bharatgas application and selecting the language option, “Tamil” language is not included. The photo shown for app preview example has Tamil, but the application has no Tamil option. More than 5 million users have downloaded Bharatgas application.


Update :

Some people have been commenting on the YouTurn Facebook post that there is the Tamil language option in the Bharatgas application. However, the latest version 2.2.5 of the Bharatgas application does not include the Tamil language even after logged in as a customer using a cell phone number.

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