This article is from Mar 12, 2021

Who placed the Billboard in Canada to thank Prime Minister Modi?

About 5 lakh doses of the Astrogenene Covshield Corona vaccine were shipped from India as the first phase to Canada. Following this, 1.5 million doses are to be shipped from India. The Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau praised Prime Minister Narendra Modi for this.

Meanwhile, a photo of a large digital billboard thanking India and Prime Minister Narendra Modi in the Toronto area of ​​Canada for providing the corona vaccine has gone viral on news and social media.


Followers are also being asked about its authenticity. Some news and posts did not mention who put up these thank you billboards. Zee Hindustan , News 18 reports that Canada has put up these thank you billboards.

However, the organization ” Hindu Forum canada ” has placed a digital billboard in Canada thanking India and the Prime Minister. The name of the organization is also featured on the billboard.

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Rao Endamuri, President of the Hindu Forum Canada behind the billboard campaign, said, “Our aim is to highlight the friendship between Canada and India and to highlight this positive development by sending India vaccines to Canada.”

A total of nine digital billboards were placed on major highways in the Greater Toronto Area. Also, Hindustan News has reported that it plans to put up billboards at four locations in the city of Brampton.

The country is grateful for sending the corona vaccine from India. Following this, a photo of a billboard in the country thanking India and Prime Minister Modi went viral in India, revealing who put it up. Even in the news, the name of the organization is not mentioned, but Canada.

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