Will the case filed against Subramania Swamy be filed against Annamalai also? Can we say “Pariah”?

The word used by Tamil Nadu BJP leader Annamalai in a Twitter post about Narendra Modi completing 8 years as the Prime Minister of India has become controversial on Twitter.

In a post tweeted on May 30, Annamalai mentioned, “From a pariah to a ViswaGuru”. Following this, posts began to emerge condemning the BJP leader, Annamalai for insulting the Paraiyar community.

Vanni Arasu, VCK harshly criticized Annamalai on Twitter, saying, “Annamalai should apologize for insulting the Paraiyar community.” Moreover, many on Twitter have been voicing their opposition.

After the controversy over his tweet, “Our intellect is sharper than a knife. I’m going to buy you all an English-Tamil dictionary, to see the meaning of the word I posted”, “pariah” means “person who is not liked and avoided by others as an organization or nation”, tweeted the Macmillan dictionary.

“But even in the Oxford Dictionary, the English word pariah refers to an oppressed community. Apologise! Won’t anyone repeat the same and blame dictionary now?”, Iyan Karthikeyan, Youturn Editor, asked on Twitter.

Meanwhile, Subramaniam Swamy, who addressed a rally in Madurai in 1995 when Jayalalithaa was chief minister, called LTTE leader Prabhakaran an “international political pariah”. He was booked by the Madurai Police under the Prevention of Torture Act.

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