Unauthorized college, BJP leader Daswin was arrested on sexual charges!

Daswin John Grace, a BJP leader and head of the private college, Arasu College of Electro Homeopathy in Aruppukottai, Virudhunagar district, has been arrested following a protest by the female students of the college for allegedly sexually abusing students.

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“Daswin John Grace exploited the poverty of second-year female students in college to engage in sexual misconduct. He made a nude video call to the woman and led other women students too to do the same. We have evidence for all this, and hence appropriate action should be taken against Daswin.

Also, since we are studying in a private college our studies further is a big question now if the college closes and it is scary to continue studying here. Therefore, help us to join an alternative college without stopping our studies”, the students in the protest said.

College principal Daswin has been arrested following a protest by private college students. He was the former district chairman of the minority wing of the Tamil Nadu BJP.

In addition, it has come to light that the Government of Tamil Nadu had sealed off the Arasu Electro Homeopathy College run by Daswin for operating it without accreditation and the details are revealed through the case filed in 2017 on behalf of the college in the Madurai branch of the Chennai High Court to take belongings from the college.

The question arises as to with whose help the unrecognized college has started functioning again. A student who wishes to remain anonymous has told us that Daswin not only sexually abused poor students but is running an unrecognized college, also obtained the certificates of many students and did not give them to charge exorbitant fees for it.

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