This article is from Apr 19, 2021

Did the UP BJP minister attend Kumbh Mela even after he tested positive?

As the corona infection came to thousands of devotees who attended the Kumbh Mela in Haridwar, Uttarakhand without any corona safety measures. However, it was reported that the Uttarakhand government would only exempt the Kumbh Mela meeting.

Meanwhile, Uttar Pradesh BJP minister Sunil Bharala, who was present at Kumbh Mela, has been diagnosed with corona infection. This was stated by Sunil Bharala during an NDTV news conference.

According to The Logical India website, Sunil Barela went to Kumbh Mela even after Corona was confirmed to him. Later, he apologized for denying that the corona did not appear to have been confirmed before or after Kumbh Mela.

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Similarly, the news was shared on and then deleted. However, the memes started sharing that the BJP MLA went to Kumbh Mela knowing the presence of Corona on social media with the headline posted on Reddit.

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Sunil Bharala’s aide told The Wire, “After returning from Kumbh Mela, he was confirmed to have a corona test and when he went there, the corona was not positive. On a TV show attended by the minister, he said two things, but the media has mixed it up. ”

BJP Minister Sunil Barela, who was present at the NDTV debate, said, “Covid situation is not good. But linking it to Markaz and comparing it to Kumbh is wrong. All Covid norms are being followed in Haridwar”

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Sunil Bahrala shared the NDTV debate video on Twitter, saying, ” Kumbamela’s hope is bigger than Corona, Ganga mother will destroy this coronavirus .”

Members of the Tabligh Jamaat continued to accuse of deliberately spreading Corona at the start of the Corona general shutdown last year. Various rumours about it were spread all over India. But Netizens on social media are now questioning why at this corona time millions of people are currently attended in Kumbh Mela, is not widely talked about.

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