This article is from Nov 09, 2021

TN BJP Youth Wing leader posted misinformation and removed it later !

Sangavi from ST Community in Najappanur village, Coimbatore cleared NEET exams which gained appreciation all over the state. The political party BJP too has appreciated her. BJP Youth Wing leader Vinoth visited her in person and conveyed his wishes.

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He also has tweeted, “Also not to forget to mention the reach of Modi‘s people welfare schemes. The first pic shows Miss Sanghavi’s house (thatched roof) and how under the PMs housing scheme they have a proper house with electricity to stay in”.

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This tweet of his was shared by Siva M saying, “After the death of Sangavi’s father, we as her guardian including my friends, N3 foundation, Covai Meridian, Rotary clubs including Green city, Saibaba Samidhi Kuniamuthur have built the said house. There is no connection with PM scheme”.

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After which Vinoth, TN BJP Youth Wing has removed his tweet. The screenshot of the tweet was shared by Siva M again. The one nearby the student in the photo shared by Vinoth while providing books to her is the one who posted the tweets.

In an interview with Hindu Tamil Dhisai on November 6, Sangavi said, “I have a guardian named Siva. He is the one who motivated me saying that I should set an example for the kids around my house to follow, whenever I felt down”.

Vinoth has shared that Sangavi’s house was built under the PM housing scheme and later removed the post when it is opposed. His deleted post is being commented on now.

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