This article is from Mar 11, 2022

Factcheck: Where abouts of the viral video of an agent forcing off voters !

After the results of the Assembly elections for the 5 states are being released, the video has gone viral on social networking sites, with people after marking fingers for voting and before casting their ballots are being scared away . Agents present cast their votes instead

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The video ,cites to the recent 5 state assembly elections North India and BJP . However, it is not clear where the video was recorded.

Where did it happen?

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Few people had shared the video on Facebook saying that it was recorded during the West Bengal state elections on March 1, While taking keyframes from the viralized video and doing a reverse image search we found that the video was posted on the Facebook page of the Hindustan Newsx on February 28 capturing the polling station in the municipal elections in West Bengal.

On February 27, TV9Bangla reported, During the polling at Lakeview School in the 33rd Ward of South Tumkur Municipality in West Bengal, the election agent detained the voters and cast his vote himself.

However, no further details were available as to who the person featured in the video was and who did this in favor of which party. The video taken during the West Bengal municipal elections has been circulating on social media clueless where it actually happened.

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