The Bundelkhand Expressway inaugurated by the PM a few days ago, has developed potholes due to rain!

The Bundelkhand Expressway inaugurated by Prime Minister Modi on July 16 developed floods due to rain and this caused a stir.

The 296-km-long Bundelkhand Expressway crosses seven districts, joining Bharatkoop in Sittarakoot and Kutrele in Ettawa.

A 1.5-feet deep pothole has developed on a part of the road in Syria near Salempur of Jalan district, where this expressway travels, due to rain on Wednesday night. Two cars and a motorcycle crashed due to the pothole.

”The authority sent a team with bulldozers and the necessary equipment to repair the pothole on the road. The potholes were repaired immediately and the road was opened for traffic,” said Durgesh Upadhyay, spokesperson of the Uttar Pradesh Industries Commission.

The Samajwadi and Congress parties have condemned the incident of potholes developed in the area of ​​the expressway due to rain within a few days of its inauguration by Prime Minister Modi.

In this regard, BJP MP Varun Gandhi said on his Twitter page, “If the expressway built for Rs 15,000 crore does not withstand even 5 days of rain, there is a serious question about its quality. For this, the project leader, the concerned engineer and the companies involved should be called and appropriate action should be taken.”

A few days after the Prime Minister inaugurated the Bundelkhand Expressway, photos and videos of a pothole in the middle of the expressway and its repair have gone viral on social media with criticism. Apart from that, it is also raising questions about the quality of the road.


Portion of Bundelkhand expressway develops potholes due to rains, days after opening by PM Modi


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