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Few catastrophes from nature can affect car owners as much as a cyclone combined with flooding. Given India’s current monsoon, several cities are unprepared for flooding and waterlogging. Many places, including upscale neighborhoods in cities, are partially underwater, resulting in damage to buildings, automobiles, and motorcycles. Once the water recedes, the extent of the damage will be determined.

Chennai has experienced significant flooding as a result of the recent, intense rains linked to Cyclone Michaung. Videos of cars getting washed away by floodwaters are all over social media, with some regions seeing water buildup to the point where vehicles are completely submerged. Repair expenses can be high for car owners whose vehicles are harmed by floods. A large amount of that expense can be recovered, though, if one has the right insurance coverage.

First, you will need to get in touch with your insurer to find out if they will pay for the cost of fixing any damage your car sustains from flooding. Everything you need to know about auto flood insurance and flood damage is covered here.

In what ways can floods affect automobiles?

Cars that have been flooded can have major issues like engine failure, electrical and electronic system damage, gearbox damage, and upholstery damage. Water intrusion into a parked car has the potential to harm the interior and the dampness causes severe odor. While some of these issues surface right away, others may take some time to manifest.

Flood damage and its repercussions:

You must have the appropriate insurance coverage for your car in case of flood damage because flooding can happen suddenly. In this case, if your car is damaged by flooding and you have third-party insurance, you won’t be covered financially. The only insurance that will protect you against flood damage is a comprehensive insurance plan, so if you have one, you are secure.

What is a comprehensive insurance plan?

A comprehensive car insurance policy is a kind of motor insurance policy intended for individual car owners who want total defense for their insured vehicle against various risks, including collisions, theft, legal responsibility for third parties, natural disasters like cyclones, floods, tsunamis, tides, etc.

In the event of a complete or partial loss or damage to your car, the insurance company pays for repairs or replacement.

In addition to own damage coverage, comprehensive auto insurance also covers third-party liabilities. As a result, it also pays for property damage, disability, and death of third parties. But that’s not all. If the owner-driver of the vehicle is hurt or perishes in an auto accident, this kind of insurance also provides personal accident coverage.

Types of damage faced by automobiles due to the inundation of floodwaters:

These are the primary categories of damages that a flood can inflict on your car.

Engine damage: The internal components of an engine may sustain partial or complete damage as a result of water seeping into the engine due to flooding.

Gearbox damage: Water intrusion in the gearbox may result in malfunctions or render the device entirely unusable.

Electrical and electronic damage: Electrical and electronic components are susceptible to damage from water. The electrical or electronic components may short circuit as a result, or the dashboard’s warning lights may stop working.

Upholstery damage: The dampness brought on by the water intrusion may cause damage to the interiors. This covers the cushions, carpet, and other soft furnishings.

Rust: Rust is another problem that arises because metal and water don’t mix well.

Guidelines to follow if your car is flooded or covered in water:

• Avoid turning on the ignition or attempting to push-start your car if it is submerged in water.

• After disconnecting the battery, tow the vehicle to the garage.

• Even after the water has subsided, do not try to start the vehicle.

• Inspect the brakes on your car, as they can become less effective if water gets inside the brake pads, lines, or discs.

How can you benefit from insurance?

Comprehensive insurance covers losses and damages caused by natural catastrophes such as cyclones, floods, hailstorms, and tsunamis.

Damage to your car’s engine and accessories are the two categories of damages that result from flooding. One can find a partially or fully damaged engine in a car that has been submerged in water. You may have to pay anywhere from Rs 1 lakh to Rs 2 lakh for a complete engine replacement. Analogously, it would also be fairly expensive to repair accessories. Fortunately, your insurance company will pay for both engine and upholstery damage in this situation.

There are, however, exclusions from the policy as well. Insurance would only pay for unanticipated circumstances. Damage to the engine, for instance, sustained when trying to start a submerged car, would not be recognized as a result of the flood and would not be covered. Call your insurer in this case, and they will handle the necessary actions to get your car fixed.

Tips to prevent flood damage to automobiles:

Here are some vital tips to overcome flood damage to cars.

Place your vehicle in an elevated spot: Parking your car higher off the ground lessens the chance that water will get inside and damage the engine, mechanical, electrical, and interior components.

Roll up the windows: Make sure you raise all of the vehicle’s windows. Water could seep into your car’s interior through any window cracks. Water can harm your car’s electronics and upholstery.

Turn off your battery: If it is feasible, unplug the battery to prevent unintentional short circuits if water seeps into the engine compartment and potentially harms the electrical parts.

Some add-on covers recommended for flood damage:

1. Engine protection add-on cover

2. Consumables cover

3. Roadside Assistance cover and

4. Zero Depreciation cover.

If you own a car, you should purchase insurance since you can get multiple benefits from it. To compensate for any losses or damages brought on by the floods, you should also have comprehensive auto insurance. To get longer coverage, you can also purchase necessary add-ons like roadside assistance and engine protection cover.



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