This article is from Sep 13, 2021

The office that had a money counting machine is not mine – Vanathi Srinivasan

A photograph of BJP Coimbatore South Constituency MLA Vanathi Srinivasan sitting in an office where it had a money counting machine behind her is viral on social media.

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Social media posts and memes trolled her claiming that Vanathi Srinivasan who wrote ‘Dhanalaabam’ in her new MLA office has now kept a money counting machine. She has clarified it by posting a tweet on her social media handle.

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“I attended a video conference from my friend’s office as I didn’t have time to reach my place while returning from Race Course this morning after visiting the public. It is not my office. I was also not aware of the money counting machine. But, a few seem to have their own imagination about the picture”, she tweeted along with two images.

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Even after her clarification that it wasn’t her office, social media users proceed to comment on a picture of her office inauguration ceremony claiming as both pictures are from the same office since the pictures had the same chairs.

Vanathi Srinivasan’s office which was inaugurated with ‘Dhanalaabam’ written on the wall seems to be different from the office from the viral picture. The chairs, wall colour, tables and everything looks different in the pictures unlike claimed by social media users.

It can be seen that the picture is still being circulated even after she has clarified that the office is not hers with pictures.

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