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Valluvar with saffron vest, Criticism across social media and Publisher’s explanation!

There is a controversy going over Thiruvalluvar’s image, religion and caste in recent days. We also saw Thiruvallu being dragged into a political conflict. In this case, the image of Valluvar is portraying Valluvar’s wife Vasuki serves food to him in a CBSC book is becoming controversial.

Macmillan Publishers India Pvt. Ltd printed this eighth grade Hindi book.

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Writer Umanath Selvan said, “CBSE offers a curriculum for each class. There are as many publications as there are many schools. They will give to authors to prepare and publish the lesson.

CBSE schools in India can decide whose publishers’ books can be used. One of them is Macmillan. This is a photo sent by the student’s parents as it was featured in the 8th class textbook given at the CBSE school in Chennai. ”

However, speaking with Macmillan Publisher “portrayed the image information on the present controversy came to our attention. The team in the editor carries out these tasks. We are trying to change this immediately. ”

In the 8th grade book, Valluvar is depicted as wearing a saffron dress, rudratsam and sacred thread, and looking like a certain specific upper community and also without a beard.

Moreover, Vasuki is portrayed as serving Valluvar. As for Valluvar, none of his personal details has been definitively defined till today. There is also a note that Thirukuralla was co-authored by many, and that V.O.C. Many commented that Thiruvalluvar is a member of our religion, expressing his religious opinion through this critique and that some of the critiques in Thirukural have been modified.

So, aside from this, scenes like Vasuki serving food to Valluvar can never be seen in Tamil books. Because, beyond the portrayals of a woman serving a man, Tamil Nadu textbooks are only talking about Thirukurala and its justice. Activists question what the specific reason is, and what children will learn from it.




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