This article is from Nov 16, 2020

Do not believe the rumors about Sembarambakkam Lake!

Social media users are spreading the post on social media that the Sembarambakkam Lake is at risk of flooding due to the continuous rains in Chennai and whether the government is not taking care of it. Although it is reasonable to fear among the people due to the damage caused in 2015, Sembarambakkam Lake has not yet reached its full capacity.

Sembarambakkam and Puhal are the two major lakes that meet the water needs of the city of Chennai. Of this, the total capacity of Sembarambakkam Lake is 3,645 mc. As of November 13, the lake’s water level was 2,576 mc. This is 70.6% of the total capacity of the lake.

The lake is rapidly filling up due to the recent (12 mm rainfall) continuous rains and the opening of the Krishna River, which is suspended on a steep slope. Sembarambakkam Lake will reach full capacity after the water tanks at Sriperumbudur and Pillai side are full. Both tanks with a capacity of 175 mc are currently 125 mc full. The average rainfall there is.

The lake will reach its full capacity only if about 25 mm of rainfall is recorded daily in the Sembarambakkam Lake area. The region has received only 12 mm of rainfall over the past few days, ”PWD officials said in a report in the Times of India on November 14.

Tamil Nadu Weatherman wrote on its Facebook page about Sembarambakkam Lake, “Fear of Sembarambakkam is completely unnecessary. 1 TMC is required. Even if the lake fills up in the next 2 days, that is unlikely to happen. No need to worry about flooding right now. In the past we have seen Sembarambakkam Lake overflowing and discharging water without flooding. We should only worry about flooding if the maximum flood level is exceeded. So please don’t worry right now. ”

Speaking to a public works official from the Youturn side, he said, “The water level is rising due to the continuous rains. Precautionary measures are being taken for this. They are making arrangements to make it easier for the water to flow out, ”he said.

The capacity of Sembarambakkam Lake has been updated in the data on the capacity of the lakes in the city of Chennai. The capacity has risen to 2,781 MC on November 16 from 2,756 MC on November 13. So, do not create unnecessary fear among the people.

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