This article is from Aug 17, 2020

Tamil language not removed in Chennai Central!

In April last year, the Chennai Central Railway Station was renamed as MG Ramachandran Central Railway Station by AIADMK’s Government of Tamil Nadu. Following this, a photo was spread on social media saying that there was no Tamil language on the newly placed nameplate at the Central Railway Station and only Hindi and English were featured.

The nameplate, which was earlier as “Chennai Central” in Tamil, Hindi and English, is claimed to be available only in Hindi and English now. But, the name is also in Tamil at the Central Railway Station. The nameplate is placed first in Tamil and then in Hindi and English.


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Controversy arose over the names in Hindi, excluding the Tamil language, which was already predominant in Tamil Nadu railway stations. Similarly, they have shared this photo that the Tamil language will be removed in Chennai Central. However, in Chennai Central, the nameplate is also in the primary language, Tamil.

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Following outcry, ‘Chennai’ to be included on name boards of trains heading to Central station

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