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When and Why was the nameplate “Tamil Vaazhga” removed from the Chennai Ripon building?

Condemnation posts with photos on social networking sites are emerging that the nameplate “Tamil Vaazhga” removed on the ribbon building where the Chennai Corporation office is located has been removed.

They are sharing a comparison of two photos that the government recently removed the “Tamil Vaazhaha” nameplate from the Chennai Corporation building. Many readers are questioning its authenticity.

Fact check:

When contacted by Chennai Corporation officials, who did not want to be named, about the photos that went viral on social media, he said, “The banner was removed in December 2009 when the Ripon Building was renovated with JNNURM funding. Someone takes an old photo and spreads it wrongly on social websites as like it happens now. The board was removed for repairs as it was broken at that time. It should be discussed at the commissioner level to re-establish it, ”he said.

According to the New Indian Express on August 6, 2010, “Reconstruction of the 7.7 crore Ribbon Building under JNNURM will be completed by March next year.”

The nameplate is also on a photo posted on the Alamy website, a photo sales site, dated May 2009. Similarly, in the Ripon Building photo published on June 132009, the nameplate “Tamil Vaazhga” can be seen gleaming at night.

The photo of the Chennai Corporation building used in the New Indian Express news release in 2019 does not have the name “Tamil Vaazhga” board, and also when Hundreds of outdoor workers received travel passes outside the Ripon Building during the Corona general strike in May 2020, according to a photo published in the New Indian Express.

In our search, the “Tamil Vaazhga” nameplate on the Ripon Building, a Chennai corporation building, has not been removed recently. Had it been recently removed it would have received the attention and condemnation of political party leaders and the media.

Chennai Corporation officials have denied the rumours spreading and they said that the nameplate was removed during the renovation work on the Ripon Building, which began in 2009, and that it has been years since it was removed.

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