This article is from Aug 09, 2021

Christian Cross-shaped logo in the Chennai corporation’s garbage truck? What is the official’s answer ?

It is viral on social media that the garbage truck of the Greater Chennai Corporation has a cross-shaped logo written in Tamil as “Perunagara Chennai Maanagaratchi, Engeyum Epoodhum” (Greater Chennai Corporation, Anywhere Anytime).

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Many social media users including BJP members are sharing a picture of the garbage with a cross-shaped logo and questioning that if DMK is trying to Christianise Tamil Nadu with these changes.

The logo in the garbage of Chennai corporation has created controversial discussions. Hence we decided to search for the logo on the website of Chennai corporation where we found similar pictures of the garbage trucks with slightly different logo designs on each of them.

We spoke to the Mechanical department official from Chennai corporation to get clarified on this issue. We were informed, “It is the old logo. Even we have received it just yesterday. They have tried to bring a lighthouse design to the logo. And when they tried painting it, the design has varied slightly each time. It is not the cross. We send vehicles for FC each year. The logo was changed like a cross when the vehicles returned from FC last year. We have not changed anything recently. And we have also informed to change the logo already. It is ordered now to paint the new logo in all garbage trucks”.

Chennai corporation has clarified that the logo is not cross-shaped but is a design of a lighthouse. No changes were made recently and the logo that created an issue was designed and painted last year. The new logo with fish, tiger and bow will be updated on the garbage trucks very soon.

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