This article is from Jun 11, 2021

Mask found in Dog’s stomach… Improper disposal of mask affects Animals too!

Governments and doctors continue to advise that wearing a mask be mandatory for everyone as corona infection is caused a major impact across the country.

Although people need to wear a mask to protect us from infection, and it is also important to get rid of it properly. Careless disposal of used masks can cause health problems and harm both humans and animals.

In Chennai, a dog belonging to the Siberian Husky breed suddenly fell ill. The sick dog was taken to the veterinary hospital by its owner for a few days and treated.

It was then discovered that there was a mask on the dog’s stomach. Following this, the doctors injected the dog with an anaesthetic and removed the mask from his stomach. After removing the mask the dog stayed well” reported on the news.

Animals are endangered because of the used masks throwing away by people carelessly. In a previous incident as the dog which swallowed a mask in Chennai had an owner so it was able to find out what happened to that dog. That is if this happens to animals such as dogs and cows that roam in public places, who knows their vulnerability!

With the increasing use of plastic bags by people in the world, plastic waste is found everywhere where garbage is piled up. Dogs, cows, etc. are in a position to eat large amounts of plastic waste while living off what is available in the garbage.

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In 2019, we published an article about an incident in Chennai where doctors removed 52 kg of plastic waste from a cow’s stomach. That too came to light as the owner was taken the cow to the veterinary hospital. What happens if it happens to the ownerless street animals!

When people carelessly throw away masks, animals are more likely to eat them. Also, the virus can survive for a specific number of days, even in disposable masks.

Remember how to wear a mask and dispose of used masks properly so that both the humans and animals didn’t affect by the used mask which contains the virus.

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