This article is from Jan 12, 2021

YouTube Channel Team Arrested For Viral Video? Information provided by the police!

Police arrested 3 people in a Youtube channel namely Chennai Talks operating in Besant Nagar beach, who used to interviewed young women in the beach area. In particular, many social media posts spread as they have been arrested for a video of intervening a woman in an obscene manner.

Police have arrested 23-year-old Asen Bachsa, owner of Chennai Talks YouTube channel, cameraman Ajay Babu and Dinesh Kumar, allegedly interviewing teenagers in the Besant Nagar beach area.

When asked about the arrests, DC Office SI Manjula told Youturn, “They have a habit of keeping people they already know and talking about obscenity. Police were informed that Besant Nagar was on the beach and that it was customary to post obscene language on YouTube and that the YouTube channel was a nuisance to the public.

When members of the public ask why the channel is doing this, they are intimidated and disputed. In this case, the police patrols found members of the YouTube channel and interrogated them. They were arrested on a complaint lodged by a woman. ”

Chennai Adyar Deputy Commissioner Vikram had ordered action against the concerned YouTube channel.

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They have been charged under five sections, including the use of obscene language in public (294 b), assault and intimidation of women (354 b), indecent exposure to women 509 and threatening to kill 506 (2) and Section 4 of the Prevention of Violence Against Women Act.

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In the meantime, the website published an article entitled as ” unpublished videos of women! .. cell phone. many videos are coming out. The real face of the YouTube channel!” When asked about the news item titled, “No. This is incorrect. They have exaggerated and published, ”the police replied.

They have been commenting on social media that the woman who spoke on the Chennai talk YouTube channel titled “How did 2020 go” has been arrested only for her obscene speech.

But, the Chennai Talks YouTube channel ”usually targets lovers and teenagers in crowded places, recording their speech and editing and publishing only obscene and obscene words. In addition, they have intimidated the questioners and engaged in disputes. There are many reasons for this ”.

Chennai High Court Advocate Ayyanar said, “The YouTube channel is being prosecuted under 5 sections of the Indian Penal Code 294 (b), 354 (b), 509, 506 (2) and Section 4 of the Prevention of Violence Against Women Act. Has been registered. 3 out of 5 sections are related to the video of that channel. Cinema has a sensor. But, there is nothing like that on YouTube and we don’t know what age people watch it. Kids also watch a lot of YouTube. There are a number of socially concerned channels on the YouTube site. There is nothing wrong with having channels for entertainment, but you have to act with the idea that everyone is watching. ”

Steps have been taken to disable that YouTube channel. With the proliferation of YouTube channels in recent times, there has been an indefinite release of videos that are full of pornographic words that are taken directly from the public and ask for feedback. Not only this, many people get into trouble by talking too much with interest after watching the YouTube channels.

Police have warned that stern action will be taken if information comes to light regarding indecent exposure to women.

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