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Morphed Anikha video… Asianet’s vulgar title!

Anikha, who made her debut as a child star in Tamil films, often posts photos on social media showing herself as a budding actress with her photoshoots. There is a lot of support and criticism for the photos she publishes.

In this case, a false video morphed as Anikha dancing in an obscene dress went viral on social networking sites, Asianet reported, “Is that the baby actress dance in obscene mode ..? This is at the top headline that has nothing to do with the actual news.

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In the case of the morphing video related to Anikha, who is not even 18 years old, as a responsible news site it should have told the truth in the headline of the news and blurred the photo as well. After that, Asianet Tamil has published this news titled for a Click Byte.

It has been revealed that a teenager has morphed Anikha’s face and posted a malicious video. We are moving towards the time when artificial intelligence and Deep Fake videos are spreading all over the internet. This allows you to publish videos that portray someone very badly.

This is not the first time Asianet Tamil News has done this. Sarah, who made her debut as a child star in the 2018 film Dheivathirumagal, released the news in an obscene depiction of a photo taken at one of the shows. We published an article on behalf of Youturn regarding that incident. The article was later deleted.

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Even recently, the news about Indian cricket team bowler Natarajan, who wore jeans and glasses was criticised intoxicated by Asianet. Later it was later widely criticized by social media and they changed the whole story. At the time, we published an article on behalf of Youturn regarding that incident.

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Even if someone else portrays it, it is not right to share it as it is which is also an offence under the POCSO Act. Such photos should be blurred and published. Just placing pornographic headlines for a click bite is objectionable.

As a responsible news platform, it is essential that the news not only states the truth but also publish it in the right way. They should be careful while handling women and children’s related news with accountability.

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