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A heart-warming reunion story of a father who traveled alone for 24 years in search of his son !

A father from China has searched the country for 24 years for his two-year-old son who went missing in 1997 without losing any hope! The moment when father and son get together is being filmed and shared on social media with hearty wishes.

Guo Gangtang , 51, is a farmer and the father of Guo Xinzhen. In 1997, his 2-year old son was abducted by an unidentified woman in Shandong province when he was playing near his home. Following this, with the volunteering help of more than 500 people, they searched every bus station and the railway station, but no trace was found.

But Guo did not give up and began his journey in the world’s most populous country, in search of his son with all of his life savings. In an interview with China Central Television in 2015, Guo, who recorded his arrival and details about his missing son through banners and notices throughout the searching provinces, said: “I was confident that I would be able to find my son if I went out in search. The kidnapper will not send my son back anyway. If I stayed home, there was no chance. So, from the end of 1997, I started looking for my son. ”

Guo is said to have traveled on motorcycles to more than 20 provinces across the country. He has broken various bones of his body in accidents on this trip and has several robbers. So far 10 of his vehicles have been damaged. During this rescue mission, which began with all of his savings, he is said to have spent many nights under the bridge and have begged many times for money.

Guo, who has traveled more than 5 lakh kilometers across the country with the “Son! Daddy will come to take you home.” banner, says he has met various abducted children like his son.

He has become a key member of the Missing Persons Organization in China and has helped reunite at least seven children with their parents.

His willful search mission was inspired and based on it a film was released in China six years ago as a film starring one of the country’s leading actors.

The country’s Ministry of Public Security unveiled at a press conference how the son was found 24 years later. It is said to have been detected using DNA tracing. Two suspects have since been tracked down and arrested.

The two suspects, who had been dating since 1997, planned to abduct a child with the intention of selling it for money, according to a report in China News.

After Guo’s son is seen playing alone outside his home, a woman by the family name Tang abducts the child and takes him to the bus station, where his other partner, Hu, is waiting. The couple then took the baby on an intercity train to the neighboring province of Henan and sold the baby there.

Tong Bishan, Deputy director of the Criminal Investigation Bureau of the Ministry of Public Security, said DNA samples were collected from those in Henan and then they were both arrested.


After 24 years of relentless searching, Guo and his wife reunite with their son in Laosheng, Shandong. The reunion video where the parents hug their son is making the people go wrenching.

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