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Voices Against Supreme Court Judge Bobde’s controversial statement!

Representatives of women’s movements, progressive organizations and the general public have sent out a public letter against Supreme Court Chief Justice SA Bobde for asking the accused if he was ready to marry a woman victim of a sex crime case and for justifying her husband’s sexual abuse in a marital relationship. The letter called for the resignation of SA Bobde.

Mohit Subhash Sawan, who worked for a power plant in Maharashtra, was allegedly sexually assaulted several times by a school-going girl under the POCSO Act. Mohit was granted bail in the Delhi High Court.

During the hearing on the petition, Judge SA Bopte asked, “Are you ready to marry a woman who has been sexually abused by you? We can help you if you want to marry that girl. Otherwise, you will lose your government job and go to jail. We are not forcing you to get married. Let us know if you want. ”

Further, the apex court has ruled that the accused Mohit will not be arrested for up to 4 weeks and can apply for bail within that time.

Case: In 2014-15, the girl was repeatedly raped by her distant cousin Mohit Subhash Sawan from class 9 to class 12. In 2018, the girl is attempting suicide. The victim’s family lodged a complaint with the police. Both the parents of the couple decided to marry the girl after she turned 18 years old. However, the accused refused to marry the woman after she turned 18 years old. The woman then filed a case against Mohit in December 2019.

Next, Vinay Pratap Singh was accused of raping his partner who had been in a relationship for the last 2 years. In 2019, a woman complained that Vinay Pratap had left to marry her and married someone else.

During the trial, Judge SA Bopte said, “False promises of marriage are wrong. Neither man nor woman should make false promises. Women should not even make promises. When two people live together as husband and wife, the husband can be brutal and make many mistakes in the act of sexual intercourse between them be called sexual violence? ” Was questioned.

Chief Justice of India SA Bobde has said that the accused person will be given 8 weeks protection against arrest.

A series of controversial remarks in court have raised the voice of condemnation against Judge SA Bobde. Many women activists have said in a letter that she should resign and apologize for his remarks.

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