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Coimbatore student Manoj complains that NEET OMR slip has changed!

When the results of the NEET examination for the year 2020 were released, it was revealed that there were various irregularities in the result’s statistics. Subsequently, the NTA reissued the revised results by removing the erroneous results. In this situation, Coimbatore student Manoj has complained that his OMR answer sheet has changed.

KS Manoj, a student from Karumathampatti, Coimbatore, has scored 400 marks in the Class 12 examination at a private school. After attending the NEET exam at last September 13th he thinks that he will get 594 marks out of 720. When he downloads the OMR slip on October 11 before the results of the exam are released and compares the answers published by the Private Training Center.

However, the results of the NEET examination released on October 16 showed only 248 marks. Thus, when downloading the OMR slip again, he said that there is a difference between the OMR slip taken earlier and the current slip.

Subsequently, there was no formal response when contacted by the National Examinations Agency’s toll fee number. Manoj, a student, told The New Indian Express reported that he has been complaining in the mail about the change in the OMR slip.

The allegation that Coimbatore student Manoj has changed his OMR ticket has gone viral on social media. Two different OMR seats with the same registration number are being shared virally on the social media.

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Manju, a student from Ariyalur district, scored 299 out of 500 in the Class 12 examination. The trainee had joined a private training centre for the NEET exam and had written the 2020 NEET exam at a school in Tanjore district. It has been revealed that Manju has got only 37 marks at the end of the examination, Manju says there are irregularities in the exam results.

”When I wrote the NEET exam I was skipped only 3 questions. Thus, I was expecting to get up to 680 marks. But, I got only 37 marks. In that OMR slip it is listed as 7 questions were not answered but I only skipped the 3 questions. Thus, it is suspected that the OMR slip may have changed. Therefore, I claimed the original OMR slip of the NEET examination” Manju was quoted as saying in The New Indian Express.


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