“We are experts in bombing. Don’t let us do it”, BJP National General Committee member threatens the TN Government

The speech of Colonel Pandian (retired), a member of Tamil Nadu BJP’s ex-serviceman cell mentioned that “the ex-servicemen are experts in placing bombs, shooting. Do not make us do it as it will not secure law and order in the state”, created a stir in the country.

Death of the Army Jawan Prabhu

A clash over a dispute on washing clothes using drinking water from the water tank took place in Krishnagiri district on the 8th of February 2023. The police department registered a case against 9 people including DMK councilor Chinnaswamy and arrested 6 people on February 9 in this incident. An army soldier named Prabhu from one of the sides succumbed to injuries in Hosur Hospital on 14, February 2023.

Army Jawan Prabhu

The DMK councilor Chinnaswamy who was absconding was arrested on 15, February. Krishnagiri District Superintendent of Police Saroj Kumar Tagore met the press on this incident. “All the criminals and victims involved in this incident are relatives. There is no political motive in this clash. Some political parties are spreading this on social media as a planned murder. Appropriate action will be taken against them,” he said.

BJP Protest

The Tamil Nadu Police Department has been arresting the people involved since the day the dispute took place. However, on 21, February, Tamil Nadu BJP organized a hunger strike condemning the DMK government. In that protest, an ex-serviceman, Colonel Pandian mentioned “the DMK councilor claimed that he has the support of other leaders of the party before killing”.

Adding to it, “If you feel like testing us with an exam it will not secure law and order in the country. All the ex-servicemen sitting here are experts in placing bombs, shooting, and fighting. We know these jobs very well. But we don’t do all of this. I warn the Tamil Nadu government not to let us do it,” he said on the stage.

Colonel Pandian

When a reporter asked him, “Is it right to say that we will place bombs in a threatening posture while being an army officer?”, he replied, “We will do it if this continues,” very furiously. Then someone in the crowd shouts ‘I am challenge’.

The reporter further questioned, “Isn’t bombing an act of terrorism?”, he answered, “If you do it again, we will also do it. This is a warning. This is a warning,” he says repeatedly, warning the Tamil Nadu government.

Multiple news media reported Colonel Pandian as an ex-serviceman. He is not just a soldier. It is to be noted that he was the State President of BJP’s ex-servicemen’s wing in 2015 and is currently a member of BJP National General Committee.

The BJP members protested against the issue for which action is being taken right from the day the dispute occurred. And North Indian media portraying it in a greater scale is another shocker. An ex-military officer warning a state government with a bomb threat in the presence of Annamalai, Tamil Nadu BJP President and someone in a crowd shouting in support of it poses a serious threat to the public peace of the country. 

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