Compilation of fake news circulated in the name of Nehru.

In the name of Jawaharlal Nehru, multiple fake images and false claims were shared in the past. Here is the compilation of all such misinformation.

Nehru’s signing of the constitution

Claim: Jawaharlal Nehru was eager to sign the Constitution as soon as possible. When the Constitution was made, it was to be signed. The President’s signature comes first. But he (Nehru) signed and left no space for others. The President had to sign on the side later.

Fact-Check: President Rajendra Prasad’s signature is on top of all the other signatures including Nehru’s in the copy of the Indian constitution. It is the President who insisted and invited PM Nehru first to sign the constitution of India as the PM has to go on public duty, as per “CONSTITUENT ASSEMBLY OF INDIA DEBATES (PROCEEDINGS) – VOLUME XII”.

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Did Nehru cover Hindu temples to appease the Saudi King in 1955?

Claim: When the King of Saudi Arabia, Saud-Bin-Abdul-Aziz, visited India in 1955, then Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru got the Kashi Vishwanath Temple covered & insulted the sentiments of the Hindu community to appease the Saudi King!!

Fact-Check: The Saudi King visited India in 1955 for a brief period. There was no proof of covering the temple during his visit to India anywhere on the internet. He visited the Ramnagar fort which consists of a Durga Temple, Chhinnamastika Temple and a temple of Dakshin Mukhi Hanuman which are also holy sites of Hindus.

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Letter showing Nehru stating Netaji as a war criminal

Claim: A letter which shows that Nehru was an informer of Britain stating the whereabouts of Netaji.

Fact-Check: The letter is found to be fake with multiple spelling errors and incorrect information.

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A photo purportedly showing Jawaharlal Nehru carrying a bucket in his hand was circulated on Twitter and Facebook. But this photo is found to be edited and fake.

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Another photo was shared as the first iftar party hosted by Nehru in 1947, but it was from the party hosted by Sardar Patel after C. Rajagopalachari became the Governor-general in 1948.

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A picture of Nehru in a Khaki shorts was shared to claim that Nehru was also part of the RSS. The photo of Nehru in Khaki shorts is true. However, it is the uniform of Seva Dal, a unit of the Indian National Congress founded in 1924 to fight British colonial rule. Jawaharlal Nehru, the first president of Seva Dal, had participated in Seva Dal’s events in its uniform several times.

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It was also claimed that Nehru gave himself the award Bharat Ratna in 1955 when he was the Prime Minister. But Presidents Rajendra Prasad and VV Giri who were the then Presidents recommended and awarded Bharat Ratna to Nehru in 1955.

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Below are the list of other misinformation spread in the name of Jawaharlal Nehru.

Photos of foreign artists dressed up as Nehru and Gandhi are being shared as real

The viral post on the Transfer of Power Agreement is misleading.

A video clip of Nehru’s interview is shared with misleading claims on India’s partition.

Viral post comparing Nehru and Savarkar’s jail cells is misleading

These are some of the false claims related to Nehru that go rounds on the internet specifically on November 14 (Jawaharlal Nehru’s birthday) every year.

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