This article is from Apr 17, 2021

The viral video of police killing a couple in anger is a Web series shooting!

A video of a couple being shot dead by a police officer outside a mall has gone viral on social media.

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On Baljit singh’s Facebook page, “People should consider and tell the truth, should a mentally ill police officer carry a weapon on duty? ”The 20-second video, which was shared in Punjabi, has been shared by millions and has gone viral.

The link, screenshot and video of this post have been shared by many and Youturn readers are also asking to be told about its authenticity. Their acting is as clear as shooting to watch the video.

Twitter link | Archive link 

Uttar Pradesh ASP Rahul Srivastava said on his Twitter page that the search was carried out by the cafe manager for a web series outside “Friends Cafe” in Colonel Haryana.

Also, a video taken in person at the scene of the incident and a video of a reporter talking about the shooting has been posted on the Facebook page of Colonel Break News.

The video of a police officer shooting two people for a web series in the Colonel area of ​​Haryana has been misrepresented that it was a real murder on social media.

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