This article is from May 11, 2021

Remdesivir is not necessary for everyone – ICMR Scientist’s answer to various questions!

In recent days a question is going viral on social media that “can we donate blood during the corona pandemic? ” which is spreading among people through social websites. In this regard, an interview with the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) disease epidemiology scientist Mr. Ganesh Kumar has given answers for our questions are as follows:

Q: Can we donate blood during the Corona pandemic?

A: If you are a regular blood donor, donate blood before the first vaccination. After vaccination, it takes a while to develop resistance to the corona, after which it takes a while for the whole body to absorb that resistance. This will take approximately 28 days after the second vaccination. So you can start donating blood approximately 28 days after the second vaccination. Otherwise, everyone involved in various road accidents, including pregnant women facing childbirth, is in need of blood in some way or another. So it is not necessary to be afraid of doing blood donation and not doing it.

Q: What do first-time vaccinators do if they are unable to get the second dose at the recommended interval?

A: Perhaps there is no need to worry if it is too late. In the case of Covaxin, the second vaccine can be given up to 8 weeks after the first vaccination. Covishield has a grace period of up to 12 weeks. If a person is infected with corona after the first vaccination, they may need to be vaccinated a second time 29 days after they have fully recovered. So there is no need to worry about the opportunity.

Q: Is there any difference between the first vaccine and the second vaccine?

A: There is no difference between the two, but if one gets Covaxin as the first vaccine, the same should be done a second time. This also applies to Covishield.

Q: Is Remdecivir needed (a) or not?

A: Steroids greatly help to prevent the death of someone who is seriously ill with coronavirus infection, to avoid the need to give artificial oxygen, and to help someone on the ventilator recover quickly from it. There is strong scientific evidence for this.

Remdecivir does not have that much power. Scientific evidence is also scarce. The steroid is an affordable drug that is readily available. Remdecivir drug companies are not so much, so the price is high. There is a lot of anxiety and confusion surrounding this drug because it is a new type of medicine that has not been heard of and the tense environment caused by corona. This is normal. Remdecivir is given to all health workers in the government to those who are prescribed by doctors. The government is clear. But the public is afraid to buy the medicine themselves and pay for it with the help of nurses. Personally, I do not approve of Remdecivir going backwards.

Q: It is said that there is a problem in finding the right vaccine because the coronavirus is evolving. And does the current vaccine have the potential to prevent coronaviruses in the future?

A: When a virus spreads too much, it naturally transforms into many types of virus called a mutant virus. There is scientifically strong evidence that both Covaxin and Covishield protect us from mutant viruses. Research is underway to tackle future mutant viruses.

Q: Why should vaccinated people be exposure to corona even after they get vaccinated?

A: First we need to know the benefits of the vaccine. The vaccine will greatly reduce the death caused by the corona, limit the acute impact of the corona, and largely prevent the occurrence of corona infection though not completely. That is why it is advisable to follow the same procedures as wearing the mask even after vaccination. Not only that but the vaccine mainly controls the spread of corona. So it is very important to get vaccinated.

Q: Will the third wave come? What is its intensity?

A: The third wave is definitely inevitable. The answer to the question of whether it will be more intense than the second wave is in our hands. Increasing the percentage of vaccine coverage can prevent the present dangerous situation from recurring.

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