This article is from May 02, 2021

Madurai woman passed away at the doorstep, people feared to come near because of Corona!

One of our readers from Madurai Koodal Nagar shared with us an incident he met. Last Wednesday morning, people found an elderly woman lying unconscious on the doorstep of her home in Koodalnagar, the area where she lives. It was only later that people gathered around the house and learned that she was dead. No one approached the woman because of Corona’s fear.

The woman works as a teacher at Gnanolipuram School, where her son and daughter live in Jharkhand and the daughter works in the United States. Eventually those who were there contacted the corporation and reported the information.

Then the people of the corporation came and did the funeral work for the dead woman. No one even went near the body, that reader shared with us this event that the fear among the people is increasing due to the fear of the corona.

The area people were aware that the elderly woman, who had been unwell for several days, may be suffering from corona. But, it does not seem certain too.

As the second wave of the corona epidemic is hitting India hard, we are seeing people in dire straits waiting in line for hours with no place to sleep in a hospital, no oxygen to breathe, no place to even burn. The world is also concerned about the state of India due to the corona.

Those who are lonely at home during an epidemic like Corona, especially the elderly, need to be very careful. Seek hospitalization if you are unwell, keep in touch with someone to help, be precautionary, and know that we need to be more careful!

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