This article is from Apr 21, 2021

Is a CRP test necessary before getting the corona vaccine?

Millions of people are newly infected vaccine with the second wave of coronavirus infection in India. Because of the wide spreading of the coronavirus, the government is advising people to get the corona vaccine.

In this case, “Cardiologist DR Surendran’s recommendation: Take the CRP (CR-Reactive Protein Test) in any laboratory before taking the COVID vaccine. This will cost about Rs.300 / -. It will save lives !. This reveals the presence of any infection in the blood. Also, if you have an infection in your blood and get vaccinated, adverse effects can occur. So, if you are over 45 years old, take the CRP test regularly” which is spreading virally on social networking sites including WhatsApp.

The first sentence of a news article on corona vaccination states: only Doctors can prescribe C-reactive protein (CRP), immunoglobulin-E (IgE) tests before a person is vaccinated. ”

When contacted by Dr Praveen to find out about the CRP test, he said, “People with allergies, pregnant mothers and people with infections are not preferred to vaccinated. Doctors will definitely ask these questions when vaccinating.

A CRP test is recommended in case of allergies, infections, etc. If the CRP test levels are high, it means your body has an allergy or infection. Vaccination should be given only after waiting for such conditions to return to normal. This is because further vaccination can be a burden on immunity when the body’s immune system is working against the infection.

It is true that we know whether or not there is an infection by CRP. But, if you want to test everyone over the age of 45, those with medical histories such as allergies and infections can get tested. It’s hard to test everyone. The fee for this varies from Rs.300 to Rs.700 depending on the laboratory. Do not vaccinate when CRP test levels are high. You can wait for the doctor’s advice and pay. ”

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