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Does Covaxin contain Calf serum? Govt and Bharat Biotech’s clarify statement!

One of the sensational reports that Covaxin co-developed by the Medical Research Council of India and Bharat Biotech contains “Calf Serum” which has gone viral on social media with an information page obtained under the Right to Information Act.

In response to the Drug Controller General of India’s statement on June 15, according to the company, the serum of the newborn calf is used in the survival process of Vero cells. It is only used for the production of coronavirus during the total vaccine production of Bharat Biotech’s Covaxin.
The Department of Health has also explained that the serum of the newborn calf is used only during the initial preparation of covaxin and that the final product of the vaccine will not contain the serum of the calf when it comes to final use.

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According to a press release issued by the Department of Health, “Serum from a newborn calf is used only for the formation/growth of Vero cells. Various types of bovine and other animal serums are the standard enrichment ingredient used for Vero cell growth worldwide. Vero cells are used to establish cells that support the production of vaccines. The same technology has been used for decades in vaccines, including polio and rabies.

After growth, the Vero cells are purified with water and chemicals and the calf’s serum is removed. The coronavirus then infects those cells. Vero cells are completely destroyed when the virus grows. After that, the virus is killed and purified. The vaccine is made from an inactivated virus.

When the vaccine product is complete the covaxin will not have calf serum. Calf serum is not used in the final preparation of the vaccine. ”

Bharat Biotech, a manufacturer of covaxin, says, “ Calf serum is used for cell growth. However, it was not used in the development of SARS CoV2 virus and the final product, ”the Indian Express reported.

According to the Government and the Bharath Biotech, calf serum is used only in the production and development of Vero cells in the covaccine vaccine. However, calf serum is not present during virus development or in the final stages of vaccination. It is possible to know that they are removed in the previous processes. The Government has said that this is being misunderstood and shared on social media.
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