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10,113 companies closed across the country… 1,322 in Tamil Nadu alone!

The central government has announced that more than 10,000 companies have closed automatically during the April 2020-February 2021 period, when the country’s economy was paralyzed by a series of curfews.

According to the latest information received from the Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA), a total of 10,113 companies have been closed under Section 248 (2) of the Companies Act, 2013 till February this year.

According to Union Finance and Corporate Affairs Minister Anurag Thakur, a maximum of 2,394 companies has been shut down in Delhi and 1,936 in Uttar Pradesh. Of these, 1,322 companies were closed and Tamil Nadu ranks third.

It is followed by Maharashtra with 1,279 companies, followed by Karnataka with 836, Chandigarh with 501, Rajasthan with 479, Telangana with 404, Kerala with 307, Jharkhand with 137, Madhya Pradesh with 111, Bihar with 104, Meghalaya with 88, Orissa with 78, Chhattisgarh with 47, Goa with 36, Pondicherry with 17 and Gujarat with 17. Bengal 4, Andaman & Nicobar 2 companies closed.

The data was provided in response to a query from a member asking for state-wise details of the number of registered companies leaving the business in 2020-21. The list of state-wise closed companies is going viral on social media.

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The role of the state in the forthcoming elections will be seen as one of the most necessary for the industrial development of Tamil Nadu in an environment where the daily life of the people has been completely paralyzed mentally and economically by the corona and has now slow by slow it is recovering to normal.

  • Arun Prasad, Student Journalist (Training)

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10,113 companies shut down operations voluntarily between April ‘20-Feb. ‘21: Ministry


Over 10,000 companies closed down in FY21, MoS finance Anurag Thakur tells Parliament


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