This article is from May 03, 2021

Warning! Fake Remdesivir drug product under the name “Covipri”

We have been hearing that there is a shortage of Remdecivir for corona patients in India in many places and it is being sold on the counterfeit market using the increasing demand. Meanwhile, counterfeit Remdecivir drugs are also being sold in the market.

Remdecivir is no magic pill for COVID-19. However, doctors are using it to reduce the severity of the infection. Therefore, there is a high demand and shortage for this drug. Meanwhile, pictures of Remdecivir under the brand name “Covipri” are being shared on social media across India.

You can see the errors on the product coverage of the fake Remdecivir drug that is being made viral and that Mettupalayam is in the state of Sikkim.

Delhi Police recently nabbed five people in connection with a large-scale manufacturing unit of counterfeit Remdecivir in Godwar, Uttarakhand, which was selling over Rs 25,000.

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Delhi Police DCP Monica Bhardwaj said on her Twitter page, “It is fake, there is no Remdecivir drug in the name of Covipri. This complete fraud has been thwarted. However, some drugs may still be in circulation. Therefore, do not buy drugs that have not been tested. ”

Similarly, 7 people have been arrested in Gujarat for committing fake Remtacivir scam, according to Hindubusinessline.

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Earlier, Monica Bhardwaj had posted a warning on her Twitter page about a fake Remdecivir drug manufactured and sold under the Hedero name.

On the one hand, there are gangs who sell counterfeit drugs at high prices, taking advantage of the high demand and scarcity of the drug Remdecivir used for COVID-19 patients. It is important to be wary of counterfeit Remdecivir. Buyers of this drug should check it out before buy.

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