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Allahabad Justice says that the cow is the only animal to exhale oxygen. Is that right ?

In Uttar Pradesh, during the hearing of the bail plea of Javed who was arrested for cow slaughter, Allahabad HC Justice Shekhar Kumar Yadav said, “cow should be declared as National animal. A bill should be brought in Parliament to protect cows. Eating beef can never be taken as a fundamental right”. This invited debates and discussions nationwide.

He also said that scientists believe that the cow is the only animal that intakes and exhales oxygen.

Is the cow the only animal to exhale oxygen?

The air that we inhale has nitrogen and oxygen as a major part and the remaining is carbon dioxide. The gases that we inhale will be exhaled but with a lighter change in proportion.

A BBC article reports, “an approximate of 21% oxygen, 0.04% carbon dioxide 79% nitrogen are inhaled and 16% of oxygen, 4% carbon dioxide and 79% nitrogen are exhaled”.

21% of oxygen is inhaled and 16% is exhaled. The unused inhaled oxygen is exhaled. This is not only applicable for cows but also to humans.

It is incorrect to say that the cow is the only animal that exhales oxygen. No animal can exhale the entire oxygen inhaled except for plants. The oxygen exhaled is unused by the system. Animals lungs do not have the capacity to exhale the entire oxygen inhaled.

Uttarakhand CM Trivendra Singh Rawat in 2017, “Cow’s milk and urine have medicinal properties. Cow inhales and exhales oxygen. And is the only animal that exhales oxygen. Massaging a cow cures one’s breathing issues. And living nearby cows cure tuberculosis”, said.

In 2017, Rajasthan Education Minister Vasudev Devnani also has expressed the same information.

Experts have clarified the myths on cow’s urine and dung earlier. We also have published articles against the misinformation depicted on cows.

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